Water Play™ - Improve Muscle Strength - Play mat
Water Play™ - Improve Muscle Strength - Play mat
Water Play™ - Improve Muscle Strength - Play mat
Water Play™ - Improve Muscle Strength - Play mat

Water Play™ - Improve Muscle Strength - Play mat

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Product information

  • Stimulate your baby's neck, joints and muscles in a playful and fun way! 

Helps develop strong muscles.

The Water Play™ is the perfect activity for babies, with water and attractive sea creatures to grab the baby's attention without getting wet.

The Water Play™ is a great tool for developing strong head, neck and shoulder muscles. An entertaining toy with great added value.

This game helps develop hand-eye coordinationfine motor skills and social skills . It is a sensory pleasure that promotes brain development.

This Water Play™ is made of quality PVC that has been thoroughly tested and will not leak air or water. This makes the mat completely safe for your little one.


✓ Play and amplify 

This game encourages your little one to use the neck and head muscles, promoting development.

✓ Stimulate skills 

Because your little one will reach for the cosy sea creatures, this will stimulate the development of hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. 

✓ High Quality 

This game is made of high-quality PVC which will not leak. Because of the round shapes, your little one cannot get hurt.



✓ Easy

✓ Light Weight

✓ Environmentally Friendly

✓ 100% gaming fun


Step 1 

Blow up the outer ring.

Step 2 

Fill the inside with a little bit of water. 

Step 3

Let your little one enjoy the moving water world. 


Dimensions: 66x50cm

Material: PVC

The Water Play™ is not sold in stores, so grab this offer today while the promotion is running and supplies last.


More than 430+ satisfied customers have already preceded you and we have been able to provide you with our Water Play™.

  • We stand behind our product 100%. That's why we offer a  'money-back guarantee'.
  • We offer the customer the option to  return the product 14 days after receipt  
  • We attach great importance to flawless customer service that is available  24/7  for all questions and/or complaints
  • Our products are BPA-free ( BPA  is a chemical found in many plastic products, such as building materials, electronics, plastic bottles and toys)
  • It is made of high quality;
  • Safe material and watercolour;
  • Free from chemicals; 
  • Provided with CE marking according to EN71 guidelines. 

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